Adding photo to renamed Church Wayspot, rejected

[current] Title of Wayspot: First Baptist Church of Tolland

Location: 41.86464,-72.369007

City: Tolland, CT

Country: United States

Screenshot of Rejection Email:

Photos to Support your Claim:

Additional Information: The First Baptist Church of Tolland closed many years ago and was renamed to "Cider Mill Christian Fellowship" as seen in the front sign. Link to CMCF's website here:

I submitted a photo addition & title edit to reflect what should be the current state of the Wayspot, but the photo addition was rejected first: presumably because the title edit is being reviewed separately, so it would not match the current title. This is a problem with photo edits not being reviewed at the same time as other text edits. As of writing this appeal, the title edit has not reached a decision, and since edits still don't appear on the Wayfarer Contribution page, I cannot check the status.

The goal is to include this new photo I've uploaded, while simultaneously removing the old photo that is no longer relevant. This, along with the title edit to "Cider Mill Christian Fellowship" that I submitted but is still undecided, will make the Wayspot up-to-date.

Portal link on the Ingress Intel map:,-72.369007

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