I AM DONE - reviewers as bad as never before



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    How can you confidently determine that said rejection reason doesn't fit without seeing the entire submission? (That post didn't include the location, so I can't see any way to pass judgement on the location based criteria.)

  • Sushi restaurant (very popular)

    Marker is literally on top of the front door

    Declined because of private and wrong location?

    Also there are a lot of stolpersteine here so I was like: just spend upgrades on those

    Just to have one be accepted and the one 2 houses down the street be declined for private info…

    So you’re basically spending time for an upgrade just to have the “community” **** over your time.

    I tried to get more pokestops to persue more players to start playing…

    Oh well, with 3 stops spinnable from home I’m still a happy camper.. But not a happy reviewer.. I’ll just wait the 2 weeks, it’s not like you get an extra upgraded nomination a day, it’s still just one.

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    It's a bug if the rejection reason given is different to what people are actually rejecting it on. That means there are two issues, Niantic bug and bad reviewers.

    It was so easy to see this one wasn't a duplicate as the supporting image had another POI in it for reference, so it's position was known and none of the others are near that.

    Im wondering how many people and how many years of complaints on these forums it's going to take before Niantic fix these stupid Rejections or work out why they happen.

    Im Hoping that going through appeals will teach them a lot and that will be used to get rid of bad or abuse voters but Niantics track record so far shows I shouldn't put money on it.

    Doesn't even help seeing everyone else having problems as I feel their pain and annoyance too.

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    Even told them in the description they could see another POI in supporting photo. And who doesn't like to see a photobombing dog/bear? ;)

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    The only rejection-reason I would have thought of would be a "generic/normal business", when you can't proof that the business is really so popular and not a sushi restaurant like many others.

    In my opinion, businesses are very hard to get accepted (because you have to prove that the business is culturally important), so I dont really spend my upgrades on businesses/restaurants.

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    Yeah, I also like to put another additional wayspot in my supporting photo (if possible), so reviewers can clearly verify the location.

    That's a cute photobomb! 🐻

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    There are 2 nearly identical signs that should have appeared on the Duplicates check for reviewers.



    For the last few months, there was a bug were simply touching a duplicate touch and not hitting cancel would assign the duplicate (https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/24661/incorrect-dupes-immediate-attention-plz).

    The "not culturally significant" typically has been the rejection for these split duplicate & accept candidates. The rejection isn't clear, but it also isn't untrue.

    Since the specific bug mentioned above is fixed, you may be more successful resubmitting this sign.

  • Guess this proves this exact point once again

    There are loads of these accepted, they should be accepted but sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t…

    I’ll just do 100 reviews per time one gets accepted but I cannot be assed spending any more time on it because it’s such **** how the community works now.

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    @IXyzyxI-PGO Is it on the wall of a private property?

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    @IXyzyxI-PGO Restaurants with "Shabu Shabu" in the name are global - that's the name of a dish. Your next one looks like memorial plaques - someone's ashes are behind each plaque. That's the same as a cemetery - insensitive to game play where mourners could be around.

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    Thanks for the info on that bug. I submitted it on the 13th and your post said you noticed it fixed is on the 14th.

    Not sure it's the issue here but it's too far away for me to just pop there and re-submit

  • No they are placed on the sidewalk.. And the location can be checked on a website/app.

    Its literally ignorant that the 3 closest stops next to my house are (well were) a high school (and the title of the stop even is the name of the high school), a chalk drawing on the floor (literally a chalk drawing that rains away) and a (I must say beautiful 100+ year old) private villa…

    Oh well, there’s a historic walking route here so I’m nominating all those stones. I would spend my time reviewing to upgrade 4 that are in a park and could become new pokestops… But I just cannot be bothered with the disappointment of upgrading it and it randomly be declined.. which is a shame to be fair…

  • Also they are stones in remembrance of those that got deported and killed during world war 2, they get placed in front of the houses they used to live in.

    So yes they are sensitive but they are ment to have that effect hence the name that translates to “tripping stone”.

    The only reason I can see for them being declined is because in a street of 30 houses there are 6 sets of those stones and they tend to get abused…

    Yet they should be visible in the second picture.

    And yes…

    It is was that bad.. (the numbers are ones close to eachother and they are all 1 family)

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    It's true. It's a total waste of time. Zero upside for a lot of effort. I am a Top 20 PoGo player in the UK and Wayfarer is an unmitigated disaster. Niantic should be ashamed. Community jobs worth idiots trying to reject everything. ****? You are supposed to be trying to add sites and increase the density of spawns. Don't waste your time - Wayfarer is a 100% disaster and waste of your effort. I have given up trying to educate the illiterate masses that don't read anything and reject without reason. Give it to the Ordnance Survey Niantic and stop **** around pretending to be woke.

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    What did you nominate that got rejected. If you share your nominations, people will be able to offer some guidance.

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    You are supposed to be trying to add sites and increase the density of spawns.

    That's not correct. We are supposed to be adding interesting locations and things to a unified database called Lightship. If the nomination isn't at least interesting, then it shouldn't be a Wayspot. What effect that has on any specific game is irrelevant to Wayfarer's purpose.

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    The point of Wayfarer is to vote on if wayspots are acceptable or not. Density of portals is not relevant.

    You are 100% correct that some jobsworth voters in the UK are voting extremely badly, rejecting everything with the most pedantic reasons, which upsets many submitters and makes them wonder why they bother all the time Niantic isn't punishing or correcting them.

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    Hello and Welcome @Fr0ztee-PGO

    I live in the UK so recognise your frustrations very well.

    Where I live in a dense urban area is also very slow moving in terms of Wayfarer. I basically need to wait years or until the Niantic team works at the end of the queue to have the submissions approved or do reviewing and get upgrades to push them through. I have one last wayspot needed to trigger a 3rd gym in a cell. I have 1 upgrade and 3 candidates and I know that it could end up rejected.

    I don't know why some people review like they do, and it is a very hard nut to crack. There is little that can be done at the moment. I don't know if the people your message is meant for will even come here to read it.

    If you want to have some specific support about some nominations then please do post in the nomination improvement area. Those of us that are interested in helping will be happy to look at it and make suggestions that we have found to work. We can also look at the area and see if there is potential for other wayspots that you might not have seen.

    So if you want help you can have it.

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    How do you become a top 20 player?

    XP, raids, most shiny, most money spent?

    Or did you do something that requires skill to achieve it?

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    @The26thDoctor-PGO I have no idea how one would even figure out who the top players are. Who is the authority? What are the metrics and how are they collected?

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    I was gonna say, I'm in the UK and have never heard of this person nor seen any metrics for keeping track of players here. Probably trying to make themselves sound more important than they actually are.

    Even if there were some metrics to prove it though, this is Wayfarer, not Pokémon Go. They're not a top 20 UK Wayfarer and clearly don't seem to understand how Wayfarer works or why it exists. At least they've come to the right place for help (if they're actually looking for it).

  • The26thDoctor-PGOThe26thDoctor-PGO Posts: 4,663 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think there are some sort of tables based on a combination of xp, raids etc

    Obviously nothing official. I can create a table with only me in it. I'm the UK's top player, make myself a badge...Done.

    Any I've seen never include GBL, the one part of the game that requires some knowledge and application of that knowledge, as most Go players don't play it, hence my tongue in cheek question.

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    There used to be an unofficial group called the TL40 club. (Trainer Level 40) They were created to try to track the stats of people on the quest to reach level 40 in the early days of the game. Then it became a way to just compare yourself to others and how they play. They gathered all kinds of stats (from badges) from each "subscribed" person on a monthly basis. They'd publish the stats so you could compare yourself globally and nationally. I don't remember how they determined the "top" list. I recall top lists being published for each individual accomplishment so you could track whatever mattered to you.

    I'm not sure how it changed when TL50 came out. And at some point, they merged with GO Stadium and I lost track of them after that. I contributed my stats for a while. But I lost interest.

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,058 Ambassador

    The only Pokémon GO leaderboard that I know of, that’s official at least, is this one?

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    Yep, with the advent of remote raids/invites there was little way to verify that all players were legit - I remember keeping photos of my passport stamps to prove I had legit access to the foreign gyms on my gym medal map. Good times! I really wish there were leaderboards for various stats outside of PvP, but since TL40 stopped collating stats there's really no such thing. I enjoyed tracking my progress against some of the best in the game, though! And I do recognize a few Forum names from the stats list. :)

    But to keep it Wayfarer-related, I doubt that any high-level player of a Wayfarer-enabled game is automatically a better reviewer, better submitter, better general Wayfarer user than anyone else.

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    Why the poor rejections?

    OK. Hypothesis only. But definitely a contributor

    Reviewing is platinum medal. To level up for at least two levels, you have to gain platinum medals. So the onus is now not on a quality of reviewing but to get the medal as quickly as possible.

    While the original intent was probably not this - this is possibly occurring.

    It is also fair to say that it will take modifying/fixing/stopping/introducing a variety of actions that will improve the experience. That requires an appetite to introduce a change from the organisation. In their priority list I have not doubt this is bouncing around but in their list is probably a bunch of other stuff that has a greater value. We do not know

    . Better training. Annual reviews. Honey pot tests. Remove the medal. Look at how rejection options are presented and remodel so reviewer do not make the wrong selection. Better nomination training.

    There is also the fact that the criteria reason I most often use is other rejection criteria. As it covers a multitude of sins. But I suspect a lot of reviewers may not know how to use this correctly so just click anything.

    We should also ask the question. Why do people nominate? As people put in so much pollution. Why do people review? Because so much pollution passes. And so many people complain on the quality.

    And then there are the cabals. The groups of people who are driven to compete with selves to get waypoints through - not for the game but their own reasons. And they review heavily too. So that will influence what you see.

    Perhaps in the appeal process you can have an option to select a box that says rejection reason wrong. but still include the box that says why you are appealing. That way Niantic can identify easily user flow issues or repeat offenders, so yes patterns in rejection that make it easier to address game improvements.

    And here is the thing. Don't take it personally. I learnt that. IT would wind me up so very badly. Instead I looked for help. Read what others were saying and then would go back and nominate again. And again, if I felt it was highly valuable. With the right criteria met and right supporting evidence it will pass. I have annoyed many a dingo with that one. but the dingo was often right with the advice of what I should do.

    There is also this fact. It is a nuanced game that is highly subjective. So inevitably there will be differences.

    Good vent thought :-) @LumixMaster-PGO 'cause i hear you!

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    I get that a lot also. I nominate every chance I can. In my town I have got 30+ gyms up and tons of Pokemon stops. (I am the only one in my town to get one excepted.) Now, Them seem to mark everything as a duplicate or private property. I am perfect at taking a pic, decryption and know what gets excepted and what does not. People are just skipping threw to get to there area. If we saw more of our own area as they told us when we first started, than maybe people would not reject stuff so much to replace skips. That may also be the issue. They use skip, than when they run out, they reject for what ever reason. I just had a basket ball court at a park get rejected for being seasonal. Parks are open all year down here. It is simple stuff like that which makes us not want to nominate.

    I also get dumb stuff like this: So all of are cemetery's are covered in gyms and stops due to the statues, trails, signs, memorials, etc. Yet the welcome/rule sign is marked as sensitive location. Yet the walk path has 5 pokemon stops on that same area. Cematary to mark historic monuments and memorial stuff. They also can clearly see that the area has 2 gyms, 13 Pokemon stops.

    They also seem to mark stuff as blocking emergency cars at non emergency places. This itself is weird as fire dept. Are excepted but not police or paramedics. But that to the side, when picking a actual place that has no emergency vehicles there, it seems they will mark that anyway. Our health dept. is a church, health dept, and helps people out with things. No emergency vehicles. Since it has a church inside, and other religious classes and events, it should of been okay.

    The duplicate issue sucks too. I can see a mistake with 2 memorial bench's that look a like right next to each other, but read the plaque and title. It really is bad when you nominate a statue or memorial that has not been excepted nor in the game and gets called a duplicate. I cheek my map when I see my town pop up and right down every gym/stop so I never nominate something already there.

    They also call thinks fake which are not. We have a indoor sporting place on 5th street. The title match everything on the sign, the photo was perfect and can be view on google maps, but marked as a fake.

    I am not making a big fuss, Just wish we can set something up where people can not just click fake and duplicate without actually reviewing it. This "downtime" does not help as the people actually doing there job on here gets stop. The fake people need pushed out somehow.

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