Playgrounds and duplicates

Playground equipment in parks or other public places are great candidates for inclusion. Not only are they great places to meet and be social but they also can encourage exercise! There are a few notable exceptions to this though, playgrounds on K-12 / primary and secondary schools are ineligible. Additionally, individual pieces of playground equipment that are submitted separately are not eligible, even though the playground at large maybe. Rather, the individual pieces of equipment should be marked as duplicates to there’s just the one Wayspot for the whole playground.

Dear Niantic, can we get a clear criteria qualification about playgrounds and your ama (quoted above)?

As you are aware, our forum was flooded with reports asking you to remove so-called "duplicated" playgrounds.

And more.

When do you consider playgrounds being duplicated and when not?


This is a single swing - part of "Podwórko" playground and it's separated by a walking path. If we stick to your AMA - it's duplicate.,21.976395

This is a single carousel - clear part of "Osiedlowy plac zabaw" - placed 5 m from that playground waypoint. If we stick to your AMA - it's duplicate.,21.97945

This is a single piece of equipment on a big playground. If we stick to your AMA - it's duplicate.,21.981571

You don't need to be Sherlock to see that's one big playground split into two parts. If we stick to your AMA - it's duplicate.,21.982599

The same situation - it's clear it's the same playground. If we stick to your AMA - it's duplicate.

That's only part of similar wayspots in our city. Based on your November AMA - they all are duplicates but since they did not disappear/ you did not remove them - it's not duplicate in the Niantics eyes.

But I'm sure someone will try to report them again. If we don't get clear information about this - reports on the forum won't end. 


What's your opinion about playgrounds that are replaced with new equipment?

That's clearly the same swing, so it just needs a new picture - not wayspot removal because it's exactly the same spot - what's a Niantic statement about this?

Thanks in advance. @NianticGiffard


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