Editing Photos?

Howdy 🤠 Frens

So I really enjoy taking pictures and sometimes I'll snap one that's even better than any of the ones I had before. Kinda like finding a better Pokémon after you found something you thought you'd never be able to improve on. Problem is... if I already submitted the contribution, as you know, I have very few options other than withdrawing the nomination and using another contribution to submit what is otherwise a duplicate for me. I know most people struggle to find waypoints, but I honestly blew through those 40 free nominations ya'lls gave us in a few days... I have to keep a Google Maps custom map to keep track of all the nominations I have sitting in wait and any time something gets declined, it's another 1+ day setback that I have to wait and use a nomination on. Quite frustrating.

What I'm really getting at is that it would be SUPER neat if you could figure a way to allow us to edit or swap out a photo while something is still in "IN QUEUE" -status. If it's not "IN VOTING" yet, that means no one has seen it or voted on it yet, right? So that means there should be nothing stopping us from editing the main and supporting photos the same way we can edit the description, title and supporting info. Just 🍞 toast 🍞 for thought. Please don't 🍞 toast 🍞 me!



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