Removing Old, Invalid and Obsolete Waypoints (with no luck)

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Howdy 🤠 Team!

So I'm the kinda player who makes an effort to use all of my nominations, photo submissions, title/description updates and invalid reports. The problem I've run into is that, despite depleting my 'invalid portal'-reports every week, I can only recall one in recent memory that has ever been successfully removed. We've had a handful of public community parks in the Greater Phoenix Valley that used the pandemic as an opportunity to shut down and remodel the playground areas. For this reason, I've been trying to remove the old waypoints so we can add the new ones. In many cases, the new jungle gyms and equipment are not in the same places they were or have been replaced by something different entirely (ex: a giant spaceship was replaced by a ♿-accessible merry-go-round). In some cases, waypoints that were physically removed years ago remain in the network and reviewers absolutely refuse to allow them to be removed to more accurately reflect the real world. In other cases, we have Agents who work at places like Honeywell Aerospace and have submitted waypoints that are not accessible to the general public, effectively giving these players waypoints that only they may access. (ex:,-112.097513)

Is there anything additional I can do to help improve my luck? Should I submit Street View Photospheres to help substantiate my submissions like I've been doing with my regular portal submissions? What do?



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