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Nice to meet you.

I have a suggestion regarding setting up a bonus location.

I am sure you are aware of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Wayspot information managed by Naiantic should play a major role in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

In order to keep track of the large number of wayspots in and around Ukraine, could you please allow us to change the bonus locations ⁇?

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    Every reviewer is allowed to change bonus location one a year , so you may try after the cooldown is over.

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    The appeal of wayfarer is that it allows us to focus on minor objects.

    Being able to prove as a wayspot that a minor object existed before it was lost would be useful in rebuilding ⁇

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    We've long asked to be able to reset our bonus more often. Like, after every 1000 agreements. Or, if you don't want to upgrade a wayspot nomination, you could use an upgrade to change your bonus location instead.

    You could then make it wherever you want.

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    I'm not sure what are you wishing for. Until Niantic announced change in bonus location, you're only allowed to have 1 bonus location per 1 year long. Or did you wish reviewers outside of the country to set their bonus location to Ukraine?

    And I'm not sure about the appeal you mentioned either, but if you mean nomination appeals then you know the answer: appeals are still closed right now.

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