Nobody should upgrade nominations until the Sync issue is resolved.

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If you have any nominations in your queue tagged to be "Upgraded next" or if you have upgrades available and are planning on submitting something soon then DON'T.

As you might've heard (and if you haven't please check this post: Sync is not working properly right now. People are getting nominations approved that are only showing in one game but not the other and in some cases not at all.

I personally got 3 nominations approved recently and two of them made it into PoGo but not Ingress and the other one is nowere to be found.

Best case scenario would be Niantic fixing this issue and everything pops up on all the games then everyone is happy! But we also have to be prepared for the worst case scenario: Those nominations that were accepted could stay in limbo and never show up.

Which means you just wasted your time and effort submitting it and then doing reviews for the upgrade.

If you have stuff in queue then stop reviewing, that way you won't earn an upgrade that will be forced upon say nomination and if you have upgrades then do not submit anything so you don't lose it.

Hopefully everything gets resolved soon so we can go back to normal.

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