rejected wayspot - opinion and suggestion

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Title of the Wayspot: Ringue

Location: 41,0659654, -8,5234215

City: olival, vila nova de gaia

Country: portugal

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

This is a small arena to kids play. It has net all around with a small door and a wood bench for parents watch the kids

I think this is a playground area in an apartment complex and in the guidelines it says:

Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds Acceptable: Playgrounds in parks and apartment complexes: accept one nomination per play area.

In the area doesnt exist more like this

Can you verify please

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    You cannot appeal rejected nominations. Niantic suggests that you review the Wayspot Criteria and if you believe your nomination is still eligible, resubmit it.

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    I know that. I tried to edit the post. I only want opinion if you guys think this is an elegible wayspot

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    Without a play structure or sign, a lot of people will probably reject it. Playgrounds typically mean jungle gyms/swings/slide- that kind of thing. This looks more like a small park. If theres a sign it would likely be approved if you used that as the main photo, and your second photo as the whole area.

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    I think they rejected it because in the picture you can only see a green area (natural element) i suggest you to take another picture in Wich you can see a playground or a sport field, if there's any in that zone of course, good luck.

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