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Good morning,

I am writing to ask you for information on non-profit associations. I know that they are valid but only failures continue to arrive and are never accepted.

In this doubt I have doubts.



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    The scope of non-profit associations is vast.

    Some associations deserve approval, while others are rejected.

    It all depends on what the non-profit associations do.

    You may want to improve your nomination by discussing your specific nominee in the Nomination Improvement thread, along with photos and descriptions.

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    this is a non-profit association that operates throughout the territory for the help of the elderly both in the social and cultural fields .. it also organizes countless trips where everyone can participate

    this is a religious association associated with the cult of the virgin mary of mercy and they also organize many trips

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    The standards are "Gathering" "Exploring" and "Exercising"

    No way it fits Exercising/Exploring.

    You'd have to make a case why do people gather there. If they gather there for aid in the sense of "Company".. like say a bingo night... go 4 it.

    But if they just go there to pick something up and leave, thats not really gathering.

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    If the charity is for poor or physically disabled people, it morally should not be wayspot because they deserve privacy.

    Simply because someone has limited funds or any disability (handicapped is a very outdated term) can still play games. Quite a number of our local Pokémon Go group have one or both of these characteristics. The important part is not to base a judgement on them but to assess the location.

    some food banks I would equate as having the same features as any food store. Yes some people might stop and chat but the purpose is to get supplies. So no matter who the clientele are it doesn’t meet criteria.

    We have several cafes/information places that provide a mix information with staff to help those that need it to find ways of accessing support. You can also access wi- fi for free, have a warm drink and food at cheap prices. These are places to socialise - I use on our High St a lot, and am happy to sit and chat with someone who may need to talk PoGo can be a wonderful icebreaker. 😂

    So it is the purpose of the place that is important.

    PS we have very few teenagers that play - mainly those in 20-40 bracket, families and older players like me who do not feel “handicapped by age” or my neurodiversity. Perhaps you could reflect this is a global game with a rich and diverse demographic.

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    some of the phrases used, leave nothing to misunderstand, and are actually where I live considered offensive.

    I didn’t mention the others you raise

    shelter locations - places that offer a place to stay?

    food pantries - not sure if you use this term for buildings that you go to distribute food and essentials? It is phrase I have come across but the context is completely different as it can be used to denote small help yourself / leave something fridges or boxes that are more commonly found in well off or rural areas.

    Blessing box- not a term I have come across but it sounds like a simple box to take food from.

    as they weren’t mentioned I didn’t cover them, but if you apply the basic principles they are not acceptable. There is no need to go further.

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    The range of organizations includes non-profit organizations and organizations that make social contributions.

    Therefore, it would be incorrect to approve all of the above organizations and activities just because they are located in the same area.

    For example, a café-restaurant or bakery with a café room as part of a non-profit organization or social contribution activity may have a certain value that could be approved, depending on the content.

    However, the offices of the non-profit or social action organization itself, the factory, warehouse, or farm in which they operate, etc., would have to be denied.

    Some wayfinders make the statement that unconditional approval should be given.

    There are also those in Japan.

    Just now, a blood donation room, a Red Faction's base of operations in Ingress, has become a PokéStop in some areas (in the Kantou region, as in Pokémon).

    I would like to encourage Pokémon players to understand the purpose of Red Faction and to engage in similar activities.

    And if Pokémon GO players in Japan understand the purpose of Red Faction and do the same as Ingress players, it will eventually spread to the rest of the world.

    Pokémon GO players in other countries should cheer for the Japanese Pokémon GO players with the correct purpose and expectations.

    However, some players are taking advantage of this and asking the Wayfarer team on Twitter to add "social contribution activities" to the criteria.

    This is shameful.

    I am very concerned about the scope of non-profit and philanthropic activities, including the fear that they could be abused, as they cover a wide range of activities.

    We are borrowing the real world to play in.

    We must follow the rules of the real world, not the rules of the game.

    The same is ultimately true for Wayfarer.

    Therefore, these are things that should be judged individually within the context of current standards.


    There are wayfinders in Japan who do not ask in this forum, but try to get a different statement from you on Twitter than you intend and spread it.

    They often mention you on Twitter.

    But it is this forum that sets the standards.

    Please be careful.

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    I understand your point of view but a non-profit association where people gather to dialogue or play together in my opinion should pass without problems because it reflects various points of validity. For sure I would never allow myself to ask for places go to alms food but only those associations in order to socialize and have fun together. Also for me it is ridiculous that Niantic puts to evaluate the appeals people who do not know I miss the guidelines, I have seen more than valid appeals rejected

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