Removal of Unrelated pictures

Title of the Wayspot: Placa de Sinalização da Serra do Mar

Location: -25.441033, -49.14516

City: Pinhais

Country: Brazil

Photos to support:

Additional information: My two pictures showing the deck were suposed to be another separeted nomination, but this one (the sign) got approved first (by unknow) and mine was marked as duplicated two times. To avoid them to be wrongly upvoted and risk one or both waypoints being removed I belive it will be better if the extra pictures got removed, please. This is a big park in the city, but with relative few waypoints, so I'm not risking losing one of them.

The 2 extra pictures can be addressed to nearby wayspot labeled as "Mirante do Parque das Águas" at -25.440856, -49.145079

Thank you!



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