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What is the relevance about asking criteria clarifications in this forum, compared to just ask them in Wayfarer Support chat or Niantic Wayfarer official account in Twitter?

Back then when @NianticCasey-ING was the community manager of this forum, I recall that the staffs were active to share their thoughts to the questions asked in Guideline Clarifications. But after Wayfarer 3.0 and later @NianticTintino became community manager, it's hardly to seen any staffs commenting in Criteria Clarifications anymore, other than some specific criteria that needs to be clarified such as military bases.

And then, Wayfarer Support chat followed by @NianticWayfarer in Twitter have been established. I don't use the support chat to ask clarifications yet, but in my opinion the Twitter account has actively replied to the questions asked for them. Not to mention the account is run by several staffs including Danbocat, though.

So, what is the relevance about asking questions in criteria clarification, from Niantic's POV, especially if the OP asked for Niantic's official stance they never or rarely got? Would it be faster if they just ask the support chat or @NianticWayfarer in Twitter?

Bonus question: what is the relevance of AMAs anymore, due to this?

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    I'd definitely like to see more Niantic involvement in eligibility/criteria questions. An unfortunate side effect is inconsistency, forget lack of clarity, and comments that never get "published."

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