What are the implications of a unified Niantic Social ID & Profile for Wayfarer?

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Given that there have has been some talks about transitioning everything onto this new product, there has been some theories and wonderings going on.

  • The 2021 Playback and Roadmap Update mentioned one feature being worked on and that's "Separating your GDPR data deletion request from the games". Which could possibly mean you could have a Pokemon GO or Ingress account deleted/banned, but still be able to do Wayfarer. Unlike this post.
  • The integration of Niantic Social might signal the end of the suffixes -ING and -PGO in the Wayfarer forums (thank god)
  • Apparently, it could also mean that you would have the same username across all the games, showing your contributions and photos between all the games (i.e. not unknown in Ingress if it was submitted in Pogo, or blank vice-versa). But only if you want to opt in (there are also very good reasons why someone might have a completely different Ingress username to their Pogo username).
  • This even opens up the possibility of doing Wayfarer... for the fun of it. Imagine someone who has never played Ingress, never played Pokemon GO, won't use any end-product of the Lightship POI database, but literally just reviewing. That would be weird why would anyone do that?!

I'd also like to be able to add friends and have some sort of friend component in Wayfarer. I would like to be able to see contributions of people I am also friends with, but at the same time, only share the contributions and stats of people that I accept, not all out there publicly. Like, I would definitely love to see the Wayfarer stats of the people who have added me in Pogo on the Global Wayfarer's Discord and also share my own stats too. Or see what other people's featured wayspots are or their most recent approvals.

Sounds weird, but it would be fun to be Wayfarer friends with the Ambassadors, or even Tintino or Danbo! See other people's adventures.

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    I would love to here more about this as well. Wayfarer already is more interesting to some of us than any of the other Niantic games so it would be nice to know more about how they plan to use the ID system to change things.

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