Making a time-lapse video of wayspot's history

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Hello, wayfarer team and wayfinders.

This time I have a suggestion for you.

This is a suggestion I made to an Ingress agent a while back, and it was very well received.

And I think you'll be interested in it too.

This time, wayfarer ambassadors have also been selected and it is a good opportunity for wayfarer to move towards a better world.

" Making a time-lapse video of wayspot's history "

It's been 10 years since Ingress launched in 2012.

The history that started with 5000 wayspot as the origin portal has now multiplied by thousands.

In the last decade, Pokémon GO, Harry Potter, and Pikmin have all launched.

And Pokémon GO is now able to submit wayspot nominations.

I think all of us here are interested in how wayspot, which are the foundation of the games we play, have grown.

We also believe that by unraveling this history, many players will once again see the value of wayspot.

We don't need the name of the wayspot in the time-lapse video.

A point of light is all that is needed.

However, it might be easier to see Origin, Ingress, Pokémon, Sponsor, and FourSquare in different colors.

There may be a little bit of missing data.

But at least you should be able to understand how the number has increased.

I don't know how the Lightship database is stored, so some of this may actually be difficult.

However, I think that the date of occurrence (deletion) of the wayspot, latitude and longitude, cluster (Origin, Ingress, Pokémon, Sponsor, Foursquare), and this much exist.

What do you think?

Can you please consider this?

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