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Can you please add a specific rejection of "3rd party text used" to the drop down "Why is this an ineligible Wayspot nomination?" list. At the moment the rejection reasons to not specify this, and I see a fair number of nominations which have to be rejected because of copy pasted text. Copied text is mentioned in the review criteria, but I don't think many nominators are aware of this. Having this as a rejection reason on the submitter feedback is a simple way of doing this.

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    Oh gosh yes please.

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    That makes sense

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    Agreed. I've had a few of these come through my review queue lately.

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    I fully agree with the subdivision of reasons for refusal.

    In particular, the "Other Rejection Criteria" covers too much ground.

    "Mass-produced goods", "chain stores", "worthless".

    Adding these items would seem to help us understand why the nominator is correct.

    Also, adding these items would make it easier to approve independent cafes, gyms, etc., which are expected to be places for socializing, rather than the other way around.

    In addition, it should also be clarified that the denial should include "places where gambling and **** services are offered or introduced.

    I live in Japan, and I have seen many illegal gambling establishments disguised as coffee shops and **** service information centers that have been turned into wayspots.

    Abuse" should also be broken down a bit more into "Fake" and "Abuse" should be more specific.

    I also think that the "Fake" category should be subdivided a bit more, and that it should be possible to report abuse in the normal review process from the same screen.

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