Real-world changes to POIs - Editing vs. Removal

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When major changes are made to a point of interest, can you please clarify when it is appropriate to request edits to the existing wayspot, and when it is necessary to request removal of the existing wayspot and potentially submit a new wayspot? Specifically, I am hoping for guidance that covers the following types of changes:

- A place of worship changes its name while retaining the same congregation.

- A place of worship changes its name because the old congregation moved out and a new congregation moved in.

- All the equipment at a playground is removed and replaced with new equipment. The new playground occupies the same physical area as the old playground.

- All the equipment at a playground is removed and replaced with new equipment nearby, but not in quite the same location (say, 40 meters away).

- A mural is painted over with an entirely unrelated mural.

- A sculpture is replaced with an unrelated sculpture in the same location.

- A restaurant is replaced by a different, unrelated restaurant

- A retail store is replaced by a different, unrelated retail store

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    Good luck with this question.

    I have previously sent in Title, description edits and new photos for pubs which have changed names/new ownership but it takes forever, like 6 months+ for the photos to go through. Even then they weren't going over to some games.

    With Niantic rejecting 80% of invalid wayspot reports it's almost impossible to delete and resubmit currently meaning editing is the only way.

    Same with moving things that are more than a few metres out of place but there is no valid workaround for those.

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    I have had this problem too, any chance we can see a 'Remove and Replace' function to submitting. Be able to put in supporting evidence that it has changed completely.

  • tehstone-INGtehstone-ING Posts: 1,008 Ambassador

    I'd love to get some more concrete and updated guidance on this.

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    As the database gets older.... well, it ages. The original nominations were 2014-2015. Then nominations were closed, reopened in 2017. Yes, OPR is coming up on 5 years.

    Niantic says they want art, restaurants, churches, etc - and they have to know that in the real world, these things change names over time. For example, art (mural, statue, etc) rotates out - but valid art is still in that spot.

    Removing isn't right. A coordinated edit system shouldn't be all that hard!

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