Training used for appeals / "internal" reviewers

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  1. What does the internal review process look like? - Can you give us any insights into the internal review process? 
    1. Our internal review staff go through an intensive training on the Wayfarer criteria and we do recalibration sessions as needed. They have a different internal tool to review nominations, edits, and abuse reports. We do realize that sometimes our team gets it wrong and so we are ramping up the recalibration sessions with the team.  

What does this training look like, and why hasn't any of it been communicated to the main Wayfarer review force - us?

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    Kind of obvious why this one is important 😁

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    I mean if they have a different training manual for employees and regular community reviewers then we have a problem. Also if the employees are only being taught what is in the community reviewer's help pages and instructions then no wonder Niantic reviewers are making questionable decisions. We both need an updated criteria page and potentially an added link to a compilation of recent forum clarifications. We have links to the AMAs in our help page (honestly they should be moved to the criteria page) but not any links to important clarifications made outside of AMAs. Such as the trail marker clarifications, military base changes, or adult gyms clarifications. Just make a new page link titled "Recent Forum Clarifications" to compile these things and update the forum post weekly.

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