Any chance of context based advice for reviewers as they review?

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Getting submissions accepted/rejected correctly the first times saves everyone time, effort, stress, CPU cycles, bandwidth and thus saves energy and better for the planet. So how to get it right more often on the first try...context based advice when reviewing.

Niantic creates a list of words and related advice. When a submission is made with one of those words, the accompanying advice is shown to reviewers as they vote.

An example;

If a reviewer gets a submission that mentions the word school in it, the majority reject straight away at present. But if Niantic advice alongside it said "Schools should be rejected for K12 criteria unless the submission is for adults, such as music schools, performing arts etc. These should be accepted unless there are other rejection criteria"

For Niantic to create a database of words and advice would be very easy and then no one has to frequent different forums, reddit AMAs, local chat groups etc to find the right (sometimes wrong) current guidelines. Clarifications can be updated and everyone would know them if they were shown while voting.

This would solve a lot of problems.

The only issue I can see is how you deal with multiple keywords appearing in a submission. Maybe give advice for all.

It could even be tailored to give different advice if the keyword is seen in the title Vs in the supporting information as another way to improve it later

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