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One-star review dialog persists across expired nominations.

Fosveny-INGFosveny-ING Posts: 28 ✭✭✭

Steps to (possibly) reproduce:

  1. Open a nomination.
  2. Press the one-star overall evaluation.
  3. Select any of the reasons for a one-star return. Mine was "natural feature"
  4. Sit at the dialog without doing anything until the review expires.
  5. Acknowledge the expiration
  6. Watch the nomination being reviewed change underneath the dialog box.
  7. Notice that the pop-up is still there
  8. Press "Submit" on the dialog.

The one-star rating will apparently be applied to the newly displayed nomination, the screen will refresh with a third nomination for review. There may be a timing issue involved, I was rather rapid on the 'submit' button after things started changing.

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