How can the community best ask for and receive Niantic clarification on controversial nominations?

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Understanding that there is an element of “letting the local community decide” at play here, it seems like Niantic has moved more towards taking a hands-off approach to clarifications in recent years.

In cases where the community is unable to reach a consensus or where there is a lot of confusion, is it possible for Wayfinders to seek further clarification from Niantic, and if so, what is the best format and method to seek such clarifications?

For example, in Sydney, Australia, state survey marker discs continue to be a topic of contention due to how numerous they are and the use of possibly outdated criteria by submitters. However, so far, since the introduction of the explore, exercise and socialise criteria, Niantic has seemingly refused to clarify whether these should be acceptable candidates under the current rules. Numerous threads have been created on the topic, but the closest we have gotten to a comment from Niantic is that they might not meet removal criteria (which is of course, different to acceptance criteria.)

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