Upgrades Returned or Prioritization on Upgraded Appeals that are found to be Eligible

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Are there any plans to address "wasted" upgrades that were used on submissions that (after Appealing) Niantic deemed to be eligible? My appeal went through on what I felt was a "slam dunk" nomination and should have went through the first time, but I feel like it's reasonable to ask that we get our upgrades back in these cases. Where I live, the standard queue is 3 months and while I realize many people have it worse, I work very hard to earn upgrades so that my city has a faster turnaround time. Would you consider either A) Prioritizing appeals for rejections that were upgraded or B) Returning upgrades following an error in criteria judgement by reviewers?

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    I agree! It's very demotivating to put in a couple hours, to do 150 reviews, to get 100 agreements - then it's rejected. Then (months or years later) Niantic agrees it should have been accepted in the first place.

    Meanwhile, because I used upgrades on things that incorrectly failed, I'm supposed to put more and more hours into reviewing. Or, as punishment, my new nominations will take 6 months or years?

    Have I been a fool, for putting in so many hours over so many years, nominating and reviewing? I would feel less a fool, if those wasted upgrades were returned. It would bring a feeling of fairness - rewarding those who stuck with it.

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