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I’m sure you’re all aware of the disappointment in the community when the 20 meter bug was fixed. Reading the posts and threads it appears that the only downside to not having a 20 meter zone, in which valid nominations don’t appear in game, has been fixed in Ingress Prime. However there are a great many upsides to doing away with the 20 meter zone. This could be a big help to rural communities who have a limited number of areas in which valid POI exist, which would help them enjoy the games and recruit new players. With Ingress, recruiting and retaining a player base is very difficult in rural areas due to a limited number of POI to interact with. It also breathed fresh life into the community of people that enjoys nominating. Then there is also a potential for future possibilities in our games as well as new games with new and more diverse types of POI’s we could interact with in game; and a much bigger and complete database of POI could also be a great selling point with many more options when courting new game partnerships. Considering these things, and many others brought up by the community, will you consider doing away with the 20 meter rule?

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    @Losifer026-ING Ultimately, this sounds like a decision that the Ingress team would need to make, not the Wayfarer team. You are unlikely to get a response from the Wayfarer AMA other than a generic statement that the inclusion rules as set separately by each game team.

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    It was brought up in the Ingress forums and we were told to take it to the wayfarer forums. While it does effect Ingress most at the moment, it does also effect other games(ie spawn points in Pokémon, other POI in other games), and being that it is also an issue involving nominations, their eligibility, how that effects other games, and how the nominating/wayfaring community feels about it make it every bit a wayfarer forum issue as well. Overall nomination issues are wayfarer issues & vice versa.

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    To my knowledge, one user deflected the complaints here.

    Wayfarer itself does not decide how POI get used in Niantic games. Each creative dev team for those games gets to decide. Yes, how proximity "rules" affect games do influence Wayfarer with placement, but the majority of your post is only making it an Ingress problem, not a Wayfarer one.

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    I’m aware of those things, however, I see the issues as linked. Yes, it belongs in the Ingress forums, but it is just as much a wayfarer issue for the issues I’ve mentioned as well as being that players from Ingress and Pokémon can make and review such nominations; or not bother to. If I know that I can’t use or see something I nominate in any game why would I or anyone even bother with it? Then, should the rule be removed it would also effect other games. Even if Pokémon can’t use the POI there still tends to be more dense spawns in areas with more portals; so they do receive a benefit. Plus, the more activity there is in an area the more cell data there is, which boosts spawns as well when cell data is pulled. In HPWU they had a different system and had additional POI in that game. I don’t really know how Pikmin or Transformers work with POI yet, or how future games may use them, or how Pokémon might utilize things only visible in Ingress now in the future. Plus it could also lead to new game mechanics in Ingress that could lead to new game mechanics for other games. Niantic learns things from each game that benefit each game and are used in some form in each game. It’s a decision that would, in the long, run effect and benefit us all. In the short term, yes, it will effect Ingress most. That’s why proportionally the debate is more heavily weighted towards how it would effect that game; but there is a downstream effect for everyone. Yes, the teams at Niantic can choose to use what we provide however they see fit. What I see is an opportunity to make all the games better and more fun for everyone everywhere; especially the small towns that aren’t as fortunate as a lot of places when it comes to POI. The POI are the foundation of all the games. The better the foundation, the better the games. If we can give the Niantic teams more to work with, there will be more they can do with it. If we can help smaller communities get better foundations, the bigger and more stable they can build their communities. All of that helps make communities happier, it helps them grow, and that brings in more profits for Niantic, which in turn helps them improve their games, which creates a longer and more positive life cycle for their games that we enjoy. In the end everyone benefits.

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    You claim that ingress only portals affect Pokémon, how do you know that lightship only wayspots aren't used in the same way?

    Aren't the S2 cell rules much more restricting for rural communities?

    If we're gonna get away with distance rules we can't look only at one of them

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    This is not a wayfarer issue. This needs to be taken to the Ingress form because it is an Ingress gameplay mechanic. It is off topic here.

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    I haven’t seen any evidence that lightship only POI have any effect on spawns. I’d probably think about this a little differently if I did. Also yes, I don’t disagree that re-evaluating some aspects of other games wouldn’t be a possibility if it turns out that it works out fine for one of them and they have a functional model for implementation in the one that it’s already working in. Plus, with the way that each nomination is categorized in the “what is it” section could lead to a variety of new types of POI or other features in all games based on what each POI is. Overall I think the downside of getting rid of this rule is no longer a problem, so the rule is no longer needed; and the upsides are various and beneficial for everyone in the long run. Plus it’s absence made one of my favorite aspects of the game(nominating & reviewing) more fun and exciting; and I’m not alone in that.

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    Being that this would change what is likely to be nominated and the volume of what there is to review I would say that it is also a topic for this forum.

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    Same argument was made about Pokemon GO's spacing rule and that topic was rule as not pertaining to Wayfarer.

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    I see it as an issue of eligibility that effects all the games, similar to an issue of validity via a change or addition to criteria, because like those it effects whether something that ultimately effects all the games is legitimately added or not. In my opinion this wouldn’t be all that different than discussing whether or not a new category of valid POI were to be added like shopping plazas or martial arts studios. However the issue isn’t what it is, it’s where it is. There is precedent for that as well being that we can nominate on military bases now; which also effects all the games and is another parallel that I see.

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