When will Niantic change the reviewing algorithm?

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The current reviewing algorithm has a huge drawback, it causes lots of nominations got stuck in the queue because of 'area prioritization'. How would Niantic tackle this issue, and if the current reviewing algorithm is just the 'best' right now, what will Niantic do for nominations that stayed in the queue for over 1 year, other than manually review them?

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    Currently, you can only review the region you are in, the Home & Bonus region, and the nominees are dependent on the density of that region.

    Therefore, the major problem is that you will inevitably get stuck in a dense area, while in a dry area you will never complete a review.

    Also, while upgrades have their positive aspects, they are also subject to rejection by low quality reviewers.

    Another problem is that abusive communities can be maliciously manipulated (both in terms of collective denial and collective approval) by not allowing upgrades.

    I believe the following changes should be made, basically

    (1) Reviewed in order of nomination, regardless of regional WAYSPOT density.

    (2) Review by language, not region (reviewer chooses language(s) to review)

    (3) Reviewer current location, home, and bonus settings are eliminated. However, create settings for wayfarer challenges.

    (4) Nominated POIs cannot be limited in the scope of the region they will be reviewing. (e.g., English language POIs will be circulated to all English-speaking countries).

    (5) POIs upgraded by nominators are reviewed by GREAT reviewers

    (6) POIs with review decisions for specific reasons, such as suspicion of falsity, are automatically upgraded for more accurate review and the number of approval decisions is increased (e.g., from 50 to 300).

    (7) POIs that are extremely divided in their reviews are automatically upgraded for more accurate reviews, and the number of approval decisions is increased (e.g., from 50 to 300).

    (8) Introduce a re-examination system for approved low-quality POIs, along with the development of an appeal system for rejected POIs. (The same number of times that can be done would be fine)

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