How much Niantic intervention should be in Wayfarer?

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On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is akin to the concept of Laissez-faire (i.e. live and let live) and 10 is the pure opposite: dirigisme (total control), what or where do you envision is the right balance for the Wayfarer ecosystem and the community in regards to the team (Niantic) intervening?

A Laissez-faire approach might have the following implications:

  • Community-run environment who moulds the game map and database at will
  • Light or close-to-nil Niantic reviewing of wayspot submissions
  • Fluid and malleable criteria that is sensitive to the nuances of a global community
  • Relaxation of restrictions (such as location edits distance limits)
  • No insight on trends, patterns or abnormalities in certain areas or of wayfinders
  • Loose and paltry handling of invalid wayspot reports and abuse
  • Everyone can have 'Great' status no problem! *insert oprah gif here*
  • Abuse areas ignored even though it is glaringly obvious
  • No or tiny punishment in reviewing contrary to a honeypot


Whereas a dirigiste approach where Niantic controls everything might look like the following:

  • All suggestions must be directly applied for to Niantic
  • Total or high proportion of submissions reviewed by Niantic staff
  • Strict totalitarian black and white Wayfarer criteria (including the constant removal of ineligible wayspots)
  • All edits reviewed by Niantic staff instead of the community
  • Comprehensive and ongoing analysis of the voting community (i.e. review variance, patterns of specific Wayfinders, appeal outcomes, etc)
  • Heavy, immediate and total management of abuse and the power to dish out unrestrained punishment
  • Extreme difficulty to remain at 'Great' status, poor status results in a Niantic employee watching you review and cooling you down if you get something wrong
  • Having a dedicated team to scout for unnatural clusters, fake nominations, etc. and taking action immediately
  • Rejecting or accepting a honeypot incorrectly now requires an extended response as to why the wrong action was taken to be read by a Niantic staff member in order to regain reviewing capabilities


Given the current state of the forums, and the fact that AMAs were announced while the rejection waves in Germany and the Northern Sydney abuse were ignored, but invalid wayspot reports and appeals are and staff occasionally post I say we're roughly around the 2/10 mark.

What do you believe, on this scale of 0-10, is the best balance between intervening, and letting the community do its own thing (whether that is for the best or not)?

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