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I know you will not reveal specifics (nor would I expect you to) on individual cases but what is on the roadmap to improve this because clearly what is happening now doesn’t work.

Looking through the forums, the junk that is in my review list and some rejections, it is abundantly clear of 1 of 2 things - though in reality both

  1. Some people really are bad at reviewing / submitting
  2. People submit and review filth just to get a new Pokestop or portal or reject stuff in case or messes with their field

I welcome the wayfarer test for number 1 but this is an education piece, number 2 is my concern. If you act with malice you will ace the test then abuse the system.

I see where the admins say that action has been taken against the people concerned but the fact is a wayfarer ban doesn’t stop submissions and given how easy it is nowadays to get to LVL 38 in PoGo (not sure about LVL 10 in Ingress) people just have alts and will do the same thing.

As annoying as it is for players (rejections of awesome POIs and wayfarer rating potentially going down based on you voting differently) it effectively devalues your Lightship database with junk, fakes and not having stuff which is actually a good candidate in it.

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