Problem with duplicates

What to do in the current moment (without appeals), when your submission is marked as a duplicate even though it is not? All we can do is send it again and hope the community doesn't make a mistake a second time? I believe Niantic can't help with that, right?

In the last few days, I received two rejections for duplication, even though I explained detailed in the informative text that there were similar items already present in the Wayfarer, but that through Streetview it would be possible to see that they are different.

I'm from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), and here in Brazil the Wayfarer community is known for doing absurd things in reviews, for "being mean" or for thinking that only churches and graffiti can be accepted on Wayfarer. This issue with duplicates is something new, and I'd like some help and opinions from the community around the world on the topic. It's a big headache to wait so long and put so much effort into writing well-explanatory texts, to receive a completely wrong assessment.


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