Behavior after approving a sponsor spot that meets the criteria alone and exists only in a specific

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Currently, if there is a sponsored spot that only exists in a specific game, and an equivalent official spot, if you approve it in wayfarer as something that has a person who also uses it in another game, it will be duplicated on the game that has the sponsor (if the conditions are met).

If this condition is met, it is considered a duplicate and is ruled to be removed from the wayspot data, i.e. all games. If the condition is not met and the duplicate does not exist, it is not subject to deletion.

This is a very half-assed ruling: from the perspective of a non-sponsored game, it looks like the game was deleted unreasonably even though it does not meet any deletion criteria, and from the perspective of a sponsored game, it is a duplicate, which interferes with play.

If any of the games are sponsored, they should be included in the database so that duplicates can be rejected, or a system should be set up to prevent duplicates in the games that are sponsored...

I don't care if you reject everything or approve everything, I just want you to stop treating this place as a halfway house, approving that place but deleting this place, what does the wayfarer team think?

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