What will Niantic do against 'lazy submitters and reviewers'?

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Will Niantic be re-educate them by strict 'force', or will those players got banished from Wayfarer eventually?

By 'lazy submitters', these are not only players that keep nominating by low effort, but also players who nominate remotely but using images they found online, i.e. screenshots from Google Street View and/or uploaded photos in Google Maps. 'Lazy reviewers' may be broad by definition but you should see several examples already in this forum. Some of them maybe will learn the criteria eventually, but there are still a portion of players who keep against Niantic's criteria. Not to mention there are trolls across every regions.

While the current orientation and tests doesn't enough to prevent this group of players, how will Niantic do against them? And should them punished eventually, would it be 'right on the target' and not the innocent players will got the punishment?

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