Massive fake mozaïek tile wayspots in The Netherlands

Hi !

Sorry for the strange formatting I'm on my phone writing this. A few days ago I found while reviewing a wayspot called Mozaiek stoeptegel this portal looked familiar with a similar design with a mosaic tile in Amsterdam-Zuid. It ended up being a fake and removed by niantic wayfarer team. Today I went back to the location on ingress and found my own nomination being accepted in this city. Which is odd because the original tile is located in Amersfoort. There is proof of that in Google Maps that this tile is in Amersfoort. So I looked around a bit more and found out the whole city has similar fake mosaic tiles with similar names around the city. I was wondering if other people are also recognizing their own tiles and want me to help to report all these fake wayspots if they do recognize a familiar mosaic tile.

The fake tile :

My own tile with proof being accepted:

Real mozaïek tile :

Fake mozaïek tile (already reported)

Real mozaïek tile :

Fake mozaïek tile (already taken down by niantic) :

But the city haves a lot more mozaïek tiles who I don't personally recognize.

The city is called : Bergeijk



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