Should we accept generic signs which are used as an anchor for plazas/parks

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As per criteria, parks and plazas fall under two categories “ a great place for excercise” and “ a great place to be social with others”. But, a lot of those nominations are rejected due to nominators using generic signs as an anchor. And reviewers rejecting those nominations as they believe that the sign is being nominated instead the park/plaza.

Should we accept nominations which use a generic sign “xyz plaza/park” (or similar) as an anchor for the plaza/park.

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    This is a good question. I would like to add on to this, for the entrances to housing communities, apartments, mobile home parks, etc.

    In my opinion, this would allow people to explore their own neighborhood rather than going to areas with more wayspots.

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    For the housing community question I feel this is very different because even thought the sign is semi generic the problem in the POI of the housing area is not really interesting or meeting any of the criteria.

    I have been accepting generic signs when they are being used as a placemarker for a park. If they nominate a basic rules sign or a generic park sign but title the nomination "XYZ Park" then it is good enough. If they title it "rules" or "parking area" or "dog bin" then not eligible since they actually ARE nominating the generic sign.

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    To city and suburban dwellers,

    Living in a large populated area, we still go explore new areas, even when there are spots close to home. And there are many. I am one of you.

    Recently, I went to visit my parents, who just moved to a rural area, I never would have known how crucial neighborhood/community signs were in less populated areas. I heard the "community/neighborhood signs" referenced by people as a unique place. Their neighbor met her running buddy at the neighborhood sign. They were often the only things to mark as a wayspot.

    Exploring an area with "more wayspots" doesn't really work when there's 1 church and 1 small park/local interest anywhere nearby. I talked to 1 P-Go player I met in town, who lamented the lack of stops, gameplay and people to play with.

    While I was in rural USA, neighborhood sign wayspots would have been fun!..

    After the visit, I decided, I'd never reject another neighborhood sign or a street without a sidewalk, in a rural area without a very good reason!

    Support your rural players!.

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