Duplicate nominations worth a UPV

From NOMINATION IMPROVEMENT I think I shall repost it here in General Discussion.

To tell a story, I enjoyed my precious campus life in a city 1500km away from home for 4 years. That is a beautiful city with a whole bunch of historical sites and all kinds of stones, curves, arts, whatever is worth a nomination. I spent many weekends across the alleys and streets to discover those not so popular but interesting spots which show what makes that city that city. And whenever I am inspired by some special site, I nominated it.

However, time flies. I had finished my undergraduate course and go elsewhere for my postgraduate course, and have finished again my postgraduate course and go again to another city.

The portal review is not very fast, many of my portals are nominated before the end of 2019 (or the start of that thing), and many of them are still in the pool. I acknowledge some of my photos are not so art but they are at least clear, bright, and no face included. However, I do being lagged behind other players who really love Ingress more than me. My portal nominations always duplicate with others' nominations (some of them are nominated by whom I know and I found these portals are nominated even later than me for 1 year or more).

Every time portal review feedback with an "Unfortunately" comes to my mailbox, I feel I lost a coin of my precious past time falling from my fingers into a deep hole, that I may not able to go back to that city to pick up them in the following several years, and sometimes, this means never.

How I wish I could leave something there, and I believe this emotion is shared with many other players who treasure their shining moment run into those treasured sites. Does it worth a UPV for those duplicated nominations?

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