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Why exactly is community day being changed to only 3 hours and why start at 2pm? I participate in community day and always make a family day of it. I think that is something that players should have voted on.

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    this forum is for wayfarer not pokemon go.

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    Welcome to the Wayforum, where participants of Niantic games can come learn and talk about their Wayfarer experiences! Wayfarer is the system and process used to nominate & review candidates to become Wayspots and eventually maybe even show up in Niantic games as POI such as Stops or Gyms.

    There is, however, no discussion location for game-specific content. Nor is there a Pokémon GO specific forum. These discussions would be better directed to Niantic's Twitter page.

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    Not Wayfarer-related, if you want to discuss this visit the Subreddit TheSilphRoad

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    This isn’t a forum for Pokémon GO questions but I’ll answer what Niantic said.

    Niantic wanted to take a moment to discuss some changes to the Community Day format we’ll be testing. In 2020, they doubled the length of our Community Day events, extending them from three hours to six. Since then, however, is was found that only five percent of our Trainers tend to participate in the event for more than three hours.

    One of the biggest pieces of positive feedback that we received after January’s three-hour Community Day Classic was that players and community leaders noticed how much more of the community was out and about during the event. So, for Stufful Community Day, they will be returning to three-hour format. Niantic hope is that doing so will create even more opportunities for Trainers to play together and connect outside as they’re exploring.

    Niantic know that Trainers have enjoyed all of the extra resources that can be collected during longer events, so adding some new and exciting perks to Stufful Community Day to give you the ability to collect just as many resources during gameplay.

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