Other Rejection Criteria and Location Inappropriate rejection

Hello there,

I submitted a request for a new Pokestop/Gym but I received a rejection with unclear reason, so I decide to make an appeal because I think this place is a good one for social activities. The place where I want to create a Pokestop/Gym is a restaurant which locates between two Inns, and there are some business stores around. So people gather in this area a lot because it has a safety and vision spot with large parking around. I usually go to this area to take a walk, get food and drink, and purchase services. Moreover, in this area, there is no pokestop/gym where trainers can interact. Hence, I try to make a request for a new Gym/ pokestop to help trainers like me to play games more regularly, then we can get more new players and help trainers to improve. So, please let me know what should I do to get it.

Thank you so much.



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    You cannot appeal a rejected nomination and this forum is clearly labeled as not for appeals anyways. But here is an explanation for each of the rejection reasons

    "Other Rejection Criteria" means that some reviewers thought that what you nominated did not meet the eligibility criteria or meet one of the non-specific rejection criteria (object is mass-produced, generic, or not visually unique or interesting, generic business, franchise, or chain, intangible or unidentifiable place or object, or does not have an object that placemarks an area)

    "Location Inappropriate" is mainly for adult-oriented stores or services, such as liquor stores, **** ranges, firearm stores, or provides **** and/or adult content. However many reviewers also use this reason to label nominations they believe are simply inappropriate for not meeting the eligibility or acceptance criteria. These individuals think that this reason is better than "Other Rejection Criteria" because it at least tells the nominator "something" even if it happens to be the wrong thing.

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    Here is the place where it locates

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    "There are no Pokestops here" is not a Niantic acceptance criteria for new Waypoints.

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