No editing time for Upload-Later-Submissions

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Few days ago I made a submission trip, and did 2 instant submissions and further 15 upload-later-submissions, and 2 days ago additional 3 subs with upload later.

Few hours ago I uploaded the 18 upload-later-submissions.

Now I saw, that 5 of them are already in voting.

Why is there no 24h in queue phase like for all normal submissions?

Imho the time for editing is necessary. One of the candidates was for example a bench with a plaque with Latin inscription:

I have a Latin proficiency certificate, but I forgot most vocabulary over the years, and this inscription is full of abbreviations and other stuff. This needs editing afterwards, and therefore the 24h timeframe with being in queue. Leastwise this thing didn't jump in voting....

Why didnt I upload instantly?

Network traffic there is sketchy there. In most cases I received "image upload timeout" there although 3 bars LTE there. So I submitted only two imho important candidates instantly there, and tried again and again until the upload was successful.

The people in this forum pointed out multiple times, that it makes no sense, that one can't withdraw submissions, that are in voting. There are lots of reasons for that:

  • withdraw submissions with dummy texts like mine: my description texts are keyboard whipes like "Kdvslsvs" and I cant withdraw them.
  • prevent duplicates. Nominations stay in queue as long as there are other nearby candidates in voting. This means, that you cant know, whether there are duplicate submissions out there. But when one of them plops up, then people should have the possibility to withdraw their duplicate doomed submissions
  • ....


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