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Nominations in voting “too quickly”

0251Zeehond-ING0251Zeehond-ING Posts: 24 ✭✭✭
edited March 2022 in Report a Bug

I made some nominations last week, but didn’t submit them until a few hours ago. I didn’t submit them earlier because I didn’t have the time to edit texts, but I would have time this evening. Unfortunately these nominations are in voting within 5.5 hours and therefore I did not have time to edit those. Please look into this.

Also related to my earlier bug report (which was intended though, but still not useful) of not being able to withdraw while under review. My nominations do now only have a small basic title, with ‘later’ as description and supporting text. The area these nominations are in goes very quick through review (~24 hours) but in other areas these nominations would clog up the wait list for good and edited nominations. I also have nominations in areas I don’t know the turnover time, so I am hesitant to upload those.

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