Permanently closed portal removal rejected (A.J. Jewson Countryside Sports)

Title of the Wayspot: A.J. Jewson Countryside Sports

Location: 53.7209204403961, -1.8583695299409961

City: Halifax

Country: United Kingdom

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Attached]

Photos to support your claim: [Photo of site attached]

Additional information: The portal relates to a fishing goods shop that was on the ground floor of this building. This business relocated to a new site across town in January 2020. The former location (the one that this portal removal was requested for) has no signage left behind, having been replaced when it re-opened as a furniture store (one not noteable enough to be a landmark in itself). Despite A.J. Jewson's Facebook page having their old address in the header, their new address is listed and mapped in their Facebook page's About section, and the furniture store can be seen on both Google Street View and the attached photo (taken today).

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