Scout Cabins/Lodges?

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So I know we're asked not to submit anything on K12 and under school grounds. Doesn't that include scout cabins/lodges? I've seen a few, and I've personally rejected them, especially one that stated the time and day they meet each week in the description. It just didn't sit well with me.

So could scout cabins/lodges be given a shout in the rejection criteria if they fall in the same K12 and under bucket? Reason I ask is because I could see them flying under the radar. They may not immediately blare alarms.

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    Scout huts have previously been clarified to fall under the K-12 banner if the hut's primary purpose is for scouting activities.

    If it's a building that hosts scouting activities sometimes but is mainly used for other activities (such as a community centre where the scouts meet once a week but other community activities take place most of the time), then it's OK.

    That being said, Niantic refused to remove a scout hut that I reported as invalid, so... 🤷‍♂️

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    I remember once reading in an AMA that scout's clubs are OK as long as they also have groups for adults. Don't know if this still goes, I don't come across them at all during reviews.

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