What if the wayspot picture is from the other one of the building?

The building across the street from me (it’s actually our provincial post office hub, where ALL mail comes and goes out of Nova Scotia) has a wayspot, but it’s a very long building. The place where the wayspot is actually on the way there end of where the picture is taken from. So if you want to scan the post office we spot and you went to that location it wouldn’t register because you wouldn’t see what’s in that picture. You have to walk all the way to the other end down the street and it’s about a block long. Then you have to look back towards the location you came from and that’s the angle that is actually in the picture when you click on the spot. But you wouldn’t know that unless you live right across the street, and you had a field research task to scan that PokéStop. If you go to that spot you’re on the wrong end of the building so you can’t scan it you have to know to walk all the way down the block and look backwards to find the angle that matches the picture so it actually registers properly so it counts towards your research task. Does anybody yet to tell me how to properly submit that or even exactly who I should be submitting it to? The tag just needs to be moved to the other end of the building, but it’s all one long building. So technically it does mark that building, but it messes up the game because the photo is from the opposite side. I don’t exactly know how or where to submit that change…Any advice? Thanks! :)


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