I miss the filter 'Approved by Niantic', 'declined by Niantic'

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I am not sure if anyone has ever mentioned this suggestion somewhere on this forum (I am a busy person, so besides work, playing Ingress and Pogo and my other hobbies, I simply don't have the time to read the entire forum from A-Z), but I hereby want to share the following with you:

I think it would be a great idea to add filters to the Contribution page to see which nominatinos are allready reviewed by Niantic.

When still in que/voting, you have the option to filter if it is in the regular que/voting or ''appealed''/''in voting by Niantic''. However when Niantics work is done, no tracks of that can be found. The status of the nomination is than 'accepted' or back to 'not accepted', like it has never been reviewed by Niantic. In theory you could appeal it a second time, which is, I guess, a waste of Niantics precious time..

My question for the next AMA is: is it possible to apply those extra filters?

So I hope more people are enthousiast about this function and this post will receive a few thumbs up. Tnx for reading this :).

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