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    Generally, I encourage avoiding giving less than 3* in a subcategory of a nomination I intend to approve. The very first sentence of Description Guidelines states descriptions are not required. Reviewing a Wayspot Nomination only encourages low ratings when the text is altogether irrelevant. To be honest, sometimes no description for a playground is better than making something up for the sake of it.

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    I agree with description but can not agree with the title. So if there is a park and the person puts the title park with no description you are fine with that or there is a nearby playground titled playground and someone nominates one 200' away named playground? Both those I ran into earlier already had multiple pavilions and another playground located no more than 200' away. Could you imagine a park with 9 pavilions and they are all titled pavilion? Pokemon players would go nutsn if there were multiple gyms named the same thing.

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    Generally speaking, I still vote above 3* in text in those stations. I do understand the concern you have with that and can respect wanting to rate lower. My personal take remains not going lower if I want it approved.

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    Sorry, I didn't understand your message.

    The hold button keep nominations while earning an upgrade to push it through, so it can be resolved in days/weeks or give you the time to refine it.

    But do why do you want your nomination to Not being upgraded after a hold?? It will end in the limbos for months or years. I don't see the point.

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    Because, in my experience (and I'm definitely not alone with this), while upgraded nominations are resolved faster, they are also more likely to be rejected. I prefer to keep some nominations - especially ones where I feel that reviewers who don't speak the language or know the local culture wouldn't understand it as easily - not upgraded, so that I don't need to renominate them later.

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    In Germany, a broad, experience-based consensus has formed that a wide variety of circumstances (see below for details) lead to higher rejection rates for upgrades. This leads not least to the fact that some of the reviewers have stopped their review activities in order to no longer receive upgrades.

    At least in the German-speaking community, the assumption that upgrades have a higher rejection rate - even if this may not be planned by Niantic - is no longer based on individual reports, but is supported by a variety of reports. And there are many long-time evaluators with a lot of experience who confirm this. A part of the evaluators has actually stopped evaluating, because they prefer to wait for months for a "normal" evaluation with acceptance than to get rejected by the automatic upgrades in shortest time again and again 5* candidates.

    For a long time there were only vague explanations about the reasons for this observable effect, like that the larger range due to the upgrade promotes more reviewers in other languages who reject more often (due to the language barrier, not because other countries reject more). And when you see how often people here on the forum ask to please be presented only with submissions in their native language, not infrequently saying they reject everything else because they don't understand it (and can only skip a few times a day), you can imagine how large the group must be of those who never find their way to this forum but act the same way.

    Another, unproven suspicion is that the upgrade also requires fewer reviews, and so with a bit of bad luck (unfounded) bad reviews have a stronger impact.

    In addition to all these and other considerations, there was the suspicion that especially in the southern German region a review botnet is working that basically rejects.

    This was initially a suspicion and the question of why reject and not accept was raised. But then in the following topic evidence was provided that there is indeed a website that offers services in the German-speaking area to successfully submit Wayspots and collect upgrades for money. The orders of magnitude mentioned there can really only be explained by botnets that accept among themselves and reject everything else. Rejection has the advantage over acceptance that

    • they don't accidentally accept Wayspots that interfere with a customer's Wayspot,
    • they don't fill the gameboard with Wayspots that make using the service unnecessary,
    • they don't help those who don't pay for the service,
    • lead to frustration for normal submitters and thus possibly lead to more customers for the service,
    • etc. pp.

    More on this can be found here in the topic "2nd wave of massive rejections in Germany", specifically in this post:

    All these things have, even before the alleged bot wave, already led to reviewers stopping reviewing to NOT get upgrades.

    In the end, none of this is hard evidence that upgrades have a higher rejection rate. But at least within the German-speaking community (so at least also Austria and Switzerland and not only Germany) the experiences are so numerous so there is a consensus that upgrades bring a higher chance of rejection.

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    Sorry, but you have no idea what you're talking about. Every single person who has been involved with adding POIs for years understands that upgraded nominations have to be 5 star candidates to get approved. The larger reviewing audience (and bot armies) do not like nuanced POI that are eligible but take a little bit of thought to consider.

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    Personally, i havent noticed Older contributions that came into voting again

    @NianticTintino I would advise to add some more than what you add. Try cranking Up the lever

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    Mankind never evolved without trying things out.

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    @HoHoHowdy-ING @SeaprincessHNB-PGO



    I don't think the application or non-application of upgrades makes that big of a difference.

    As you say, I have real experience.

    In my case, the only difference is the speed to approval.

    And in my case, more than 90% of my nominations are now approved.

    Also, it is a misconception that local reviewers understand the local area well and have a high level of quality, while extensive reviewers do not understand the local area and have a low level of quality.

    Also, if the bot's existence is questionable due to the massive denial in Germany, then there should be a bot that approves everything, which is the opposite of that.

    If anything, I question why there are no bots that approve everything.

    I think that Germany tends to be rated lower than other countries because many places cannot be accurately located due to the problem of Street View, as shown in the attached photo.

    Especially in cases where the location cannot be seen even on satellite photos, such as in the woods or in narrow alleys, the evaluation tends to be more severe.

    Also, reviewers are much stricter than before, as large-scale abuses have recently been confirmed in many parts of the world.

    Well, I am thinking of making Germany my next bonus location because I actually want to check on the problems in Germany. I will then give my impressions again.

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    I very much disagree. As someone who has to upgrade every single nomination i make, or wait 2.5 years... I have success stories with nuanced POI as you call them. Now i understand the other side of view completely... but you shouldnt speak for "every single person".

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    Glad to see that older submissions are getting some prioritisation. I have many that have been in voting over a year, some that will have been in voting 2 years in a few weeks. Some clarification what is considered old would be nice.

    Thats not including the all the ones still in queue . Everything used to move smoothly in my area, about 10-12 days without an upgrade, 1-2 days with an upgrade, then around this time they changed the algorithm and everyting stopped. Nothing moves without an upgrade now.

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