Can Niantic move the pin of an appealed submission?

THIS IS NOT AN APPEAL, I just submitted the actual appeal from the Wayfarer website using the appropriate means.

With that said, I'm curious (and maybe I should have been curious *before* I finalised the appeal, but I have a penchant for bad timings).

My submission was rejected because it was in the wrong location, and I don't deny that, I got the immovable pin bug ( because I submitted it while I was walking towards it, so it's some 50 metres off, maybe even less than that (and no, it wasn't a strategic cell shenanigan, because I don't Ingress and I have no idea where cells are).

What I tried to nominate should have been a guaranteed approval if it was in the correct place, it's "only" the main bus terminal in an average sized city, so I wonder if Niantic has the means to move the pin 50 metres to the North-West while processing the appeal, or if I just wasted an appeal and I should have just tried to go back there and resubmit it in the first place now that I know about the immoveable pin bug.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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