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Hello Fellow Explorers, 

It’s great to finally publish our first update from your Wayfarers Ambassadors. It’s been a slow start getting to know each other from around the world; and, setting sights on some joint goals for this year. We, as your Ambassadors, are very excited to share a little about what we’d like the Wayfarer team to focus on this year. As your Ambassadors, we’ve landed on the top 3 community goals listed below.

Top 3 Goals

Wayfarer Criteria Clarification

  • To help Niantic better understand what makes it so difficult for the community, we’re digging deep into the current criteria as much as we possibly can, and hopefully reach any conclusions on how understanding can be improved to help us all. We invite you to participate in conversation with us in the upcoming months as we work to understand the depth of your sentiments. We recognize that it’s a super hard challenge to find a single criteria that applies globally but also makes room for the nuance found in each local community.

Incentivizing Wayfarer

  • You may have seen a lot of chatter around this in the most recent AMA, seen a forum post here and there, or thought of this yourself. The question we hope to address here is “What are ways in which we can incentivize Wayfarer as a whole to take full advantage of all its features?” We’re excited to hear your thoughts on this too; from our newer to our most experienced Explorers. 

Supporting Rural & Remote Communities

  • I think we’ve all heard the conversations around rural & remote communities, states, countries, etc and we hope to share ideas and possibilities around the best way to support our global community and the communities that may not have the most reviewers in their areas just yet. 

So, what do you think about the top 3 topics this year? We hope that you will be as excited as we are to be working more closely with Niantic.

So what’s next?

Well on our end, we will continue to meet as an Ambassador group to advise the Wayfarer team on these top 3 topics. Along the way we will be sure to share updates with you. For now, feel free to continue dropping your thoughts here in the forum to inform our conversations. Also, @NianticTintino will create and monitor 3 new forum posts where we as a community can share more about our thoughts regarding each specific goal. Feel free to drop in your thoughts for each comment in the discussions linked above.


As @NianticTintino always says,

Safe Exploring and we’re excited for all that’s to come.

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