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Hello Explorers,

Please use this space to share your thoughts about the Supporting Rural & Remote Communities goal mentioned in the Message from your Wayfarer Ambassadors post.

Feel free to pose questions, share ideas, feedback, etc.

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  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,500 Ambassador

    This is purely about game inclusion. Sorry, but this will not be something Wayfarer can ever focus on.

  • X0bai-PGOX0bai-PGO Posts: 1,667 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I would suggest that suburbs do not need additional support. Suburbs are where people sit, comfortably ignorant of the world outside. Suburbs are where Niantic hopes people will leave and go find something new.

    What I might say about rural areas is to remove “farm” from the PRP rejection reasons, and couple that with a “natural point of discovery” education campaign to facilitate farm-based POIs with pin locations that are away from farmhouses. There are plenty of farms out there with decorated barns, ornamental signage, or community-friendly businesses that would meet criteria except that it falls under the current PRP rejection guideline.

    EDIT: This might also need an education campaign on how to get good supporting images or how to make photospheres.

  • RyuuVanDraco-PGORyuuVanDraco-PGO Posts: 159 ✭✭✭
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    How to support areas with no POI best?

    • Give any nomination that has no POI within a range of 500m absolute priority.
    • Give areas that have only 1 POI in a S14 cell priority as well until there are at least 2.
    • Have game devs update OSM data more often, at least once a year.
    • Educate people that hiking trails are a legit thing as these are often the only thing around in the middle of nowhere... (also requires that links become clickable in the description so people can check proof of its existence faster)

    Everything else has to be solved on gameplays side (The idea getting ingame currency through tasks in PoGo was trashed for no reason, this idea helped many players in rural areas to buy incense etc.)

  • VladDraco-PGOVladDraco-PGO Posts: 560 ✭✭✭✭

    Challenging to write a comment after a so inspiring post ! I agree with anything RyuuVanDraco said. His last name is probably why he so smart. XD

    1) Modify message in PoGo when submitting ! Now it just encourage Moar Stopz approach. It needs to explain Wayfarer and it's object.

    2) I am for promoting two opposite approaches. As Xobai said,

    Suburbs do not need additional support. Suburbs are where people sit, comfortably ignorant of the world outside. Suburbs are where Niantic hopes people will leave and go find something new.

    It needs to be explained not all areas have things eligibles.

    But in the meantime, cells with no or very few stops needs to be prioritized. I know some big villages with 0 wayspots !

  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,659 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Last time I checked, Durham was in fact a city in the North East of England, complete with a cathedral. It even has a county named after it. Did you mean somewhere else?,_England

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  • Traxi25-PGOTraxi25-PGO Posts: 68 Ambassador
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    In Australia, we have huge amounts of walking space in our Remote and Rural communities, there is very rarely sidewalks or foot paths. If you are not in a large town or city then we see large pieces of ground some with grass and some just with dirt depending on the climate. It is a safe place to be as the cars are few and the space is great. It would be different in every country. So they are safe places to walk.

  • WCPL-INGWCPL-ING Posts: 6 ✭✭

    On your second point, perhaps they could make use of the mesh scanning that’s already utilised for portal/stop scans and re-purpose it for this. Obviously this would be an optional attritional thing as in many areas, existing street view/satellite imagery may be enough evidence for the submission

  • tp235-INGtp235-ING Posts: 1,357 ✭✭✭✭✭

    As I have mentioned before in other Wayfinder comments, scanning is an option I would be in favor of in 10 years.

    However, there are still quite a few models that do not support portal scanning at this time.

    And many of these devices remain in rural and remote areas.

    If we almost all have expensive iPhones or Galaxy S series and are in a place where there is LTE or 5G_NR signal for high speed communication, I am all for it.

    But the reality is the opposite.

    There are many rural and remote areas where even LTE signal is not available. If you are in a bad spot, it is GSM.

    Also, the scanner may be an inexpensive quad core with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, or an Android Go edition smartphone.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to integrate scanning into the nomination system under those circumstances.

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