Topography to confirm waypoint location?

Has anyone had luck being able to use topography/natural features to confirm a waypoint location? The nomination is a man made trail sign on an overlook bluff, however satellite view is super blurry so you can’t see the other man made objects nearby (picnic table/shelter). When I review nominations, I use buildings to verify nominations like newer murals, so topography/natural features aren’t that different in my opinion.

In the supplemental photo in my nomination, there are at least 5 different natural features that you can clearly pinpoint on satellite view (yes the sign is also visible in the photo too). These include a river, island in the river, glacial fed creek, 2-3 distinct hills, and an early successional forest. The furthest of these features are about 3-4 miles away to give you an idea on the scale.

I’m leaning towards throwing it through the appeal process since I don’t go out there often (plus next nominations will be upgraded and wouldn’t want to upgrade this). Other rejection reasons were bogus (natural feature) or reasons I figured someone might reject (other) so I’d included how it met criteria in supplemental information (obviously wasn’t read). So if I mention all those features to pinpoint the location, should it be enough or should I attempt to make a photosphere?


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