Wayspots inside school keeps being requested

Title of the Wayspot: Campo da Pallavolo Rione 2 Giugno

Campo di calcetto "Sighele"

Location: 45.897023,10.847093


City: Riva del Garda

Country: Italy

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

These wayspots has been removed multiple times and a player that lives nearby keeps submitting them.

They are located inside the school "Scipio Sighele" and not pubblicy accessible.

The signs on the gates states "spazi riservati alla scuola" wich means "area reserved for the school"

You can check the official website of the school here:


And the institutional portal of schools here:


Please remove them and evaluate the possibility of taking action agains the player that submitted and voted the proposal on wayfarer, it's very clear that those are inside a school and anyone that lives in this area knows it.

The other wayspots around are fine imho: "Targa Enrico Meroni" (the one visible in my first pic) and "Murales Lupo con borsette" are outside the school on a public pathway.



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