Paradoxes of Appeals

Hello @NianticTintino, @NianticGiffard, @NianticCasey-ING,

In recent months, to the delight of many players, a highly anticipated feature has been added...I am writing about the possibility of being able to appeal for rejected applications, and recently we are receiving e-mails with the results of the appeals.

Because each reviewer has many requests available, and pending the outcome of the appeal, he (or another community's player) sends again the nominations with appeal.

Often sending again the same nominations, it will be accepted and each review will has already nominations in "sent appeal" queue, and therefore when the Niantic reviewers vote on the appeals, they will see duplicates of POI sent after those of the appeal (I called this scenario as the "Paradoxes of Appeals")

My questions is:

Can you add the possibility to withdraw appeals? As in this scenario they are no longer needed


Best Regards


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