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"Complete the Wayfarer tutorial to unlock!" when I already have completed it.

AisforAndis-INGAisforAndis-ING Posts: 1,059 Ambassador

This morning I submitted a bunch of things via Pokemon Go that I had taken pictures of over the weekend, and after submitting about 5 things, hitting the "New Pokestop" button to begin a new submission gave me this message:

I have previously taken the (old) tutorial and should not have received this message. The message prevented me from continuing to submit Wayspots.

Clicking "Visit Wayfarer" took me to the Wayfarer website home page but did not prompt me to take (or retake) the tutorial. Going back to the Pokemon Go app after this did not register me as having completed the tutorial.

Clicking "maybe later" brought me back to the Pokemon Go menu screen, and reattempting to submit a Pokesrop brought me right back to the above message. The "New Pokestop" button did have a red notification dot though.

Restarting the app did resolve the problem and I was able to continue submitting.

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