Live in Wayfarer 3.1 is a new set of acceptance criteria! Please browse the information in this category with caution as it is in reference to the previous review guidelines. To learn more about the new criteria, see here:

Bars and Pubs

Hello hello. Love the new site so far. Brings a comfort that it is easy to use similar to the ingress site. What's up with bars and pubs? I feel like reviewers are purposely rejection valid submissions on purpose. They are in the guideline to accept and it is written the exact same way in different areas clarifying and showing them as accept them. Yet they are the most common rejection? I can't enjoy a beer while playing a video game in peace?

First point in help that they are allowed.

Nominations that are images of adult-oriented stores or services

Including liquor stores, adult entertainment, **** ranges, firearm stores, etc. Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like bars and pubs are acceptable. 

"Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like bars and pubs are acceptable."

That is clear to me they are acceptable, please stop rejecting these. As well as other indoor submissions for the bars like billard tables, bowling games, minigolf, pacman, or art. These places are what made history for decades in your communities as a place to go and enjoy being an adult. They should be given more appreciation locally with accepting things for them. They are more wanted by the community than being yelled at a church. Especially since coronavirus is going on.

Second area that has been updated recently in the January 2020 update.

Pubs and Restaurants that serve alcohol (including mall food courts)

  • Acceptable: Eateries that have been featured prominently in travel guides, those with historical or cultural significance, or establishments that are popular tourist destinations. Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like bars and pubs are acceptable. 
  • Not acceptable: Generic businesses with no distinguishing feature or significance or those that offer adult services (e.g. liquor stores, adult entertainment, **** ranges, firearm stores that also offer food or snacks).

"Pubs and Restaurants" Are 2 different topics.

"Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like bars and pubs are acceptable."

Written exactly the same.

My opinions is Local Hot Spots do not need to be world renowned. They are local hot spots because they are fun for the community to play and enjoy the game. It is also nice having an adult conversation about a video game with friends. I don't understand why people assume everything is for kids, yet the average age for current players is adults. Schools grounds aren't allowed. They are a rejection. Day cares are a rejecting. Bars are allowed. It's very simple to me.

Need a valid reason to accept? People are always welcome at bars. Churches you are more than likely going to get the evil eye or a phone call to the police. I bet more people got yelled at being at a church than they any would being at a bar the last few days. Coronavirus the church will raise the eye in fear before a bar would turn away potential customers.



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