Not receiving emails from niantic

I don’t receive confirmation emails when I nominate a new pokestop. I also don’t receive confirmation emails when a pokestop I’ve submitted has been accepted. I had one accepted over a week ago and it still won’t show up in Pokémon Go. Is this normal or is there a link in the confirmation emails that I need?


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    I can't help with your email issue, but regarding your nominations, you aren't actually nominating Pokéstops (despite what the wording in Pokémon Go would have you thinking). You're nominating a wayspot for the Niantic Lightship database. Once accepted, the wayspot gets added to the database, and then it will sync to Niantic games if it passes the inclusion rules for those games. This is mentioned in the acceptance email, which states that not all wayspots will appear in all Niantic games, but as you're not getting emails, it's understandable you may not know this.

    The inclusion rule for Pokémon Go is that it will appear if it is in an unoccupied level 17 S2 cell. If there's a Pokéstop or Gym in that cell already, it will not appear. Without knowing more about the location of your accepted wayspot, I can't check to see if the cell was already occupied, but if a wayspot isn't in Pokémon Go 48 hours after it was accepted, that's usually why it doesn't show up.

  • Thank you for the feedback! There are no pokestops or gyms anywhere near the location I submitted. Hopefully it shows up.

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