Not a good support photo -> Not a valid wayspot (?

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This is only for wayspots when street view is not updated or there's not even a way to know if it's a valid wayspot.

What I mean is that if the support photo showed at least a part of the wayspot (like in main photo) would be easier to review since you can tell if a wayspot exists or not, is in private property or not, is fake or not, or even better to locate a POI much faster.

I think it can be a good chance to "re-educate" submitters, but why? the reason is that Niantic suggests for support photos to show the street and surroundings. I know many of you have seen several support photos without the main object in them, which makes the reviewing of wayspots be more difficult (sometimes).

For some cases I've had to search in google maps just to make sure a POI is valid or not. But well, I'd like to know what you think about.

Thanks for reading. Greetings!.


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    I second the suggestion for rewording the text for supporting information. The candidate really should be in the supporting photo to help locate it.

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