How can I improve these?

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Hi I’m new here. I didn’t realize resubmitting was allowed, but since it is, can anyone more knowledgeable give me feedback on how to improve these submissions? Every single one of my submissions have been rejected.

  1. The Kaiwiki boat launch slip: the photo I used possibly could’ve caused confusion as to what the area was, which is actually the man-made boat launch slip depicted in the supporting evidence photo.
  2. Honolulu Marathon halfway checkpoint: I get why it could be mistaken as a temporary display, should I expressly state in the submission “it’s not temporary even if it seems to be”? It’s a halfway marker for an annual marathon that’s a very big event that attracts thousands of people from all over the world, and since it’s the same route for the past 50+ years, the marker is kept as a permanent feature for at least the past several years that I’ve personally seen.
  3. Myohoji Mission Prayer Tower: there is a similar looking Buddhist temple a few blocks away so I wonder if people thought it was duplicating that even though it’s literally blocks away and a different color than the other one? Should I state all that in the supporting info?
  4. Infinity Cornerstone: also flagged as a duplicate, I have no idea why. I checked and there’s nothing else around it that could’ve been mistaken for. What can I do here?


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    For the boat launch and the temple, my first thought is you need signs. I personally hate it, but many reviewers want signs as the main photo. (I would be interested to see what Niantic does with the temple appeal and no sign.) The sign preference does kind of make sense in that it's an anchor for the stop so it's easier to locate a sign than decide which specific point you need to stand on when you're looking for the wayspot's exact location. Boat launches are also not always accepted (depends on how your reviewers view water sports), but a sign should improve the chances.

    The marathon spot is a pedestrian access rejection, even if you made a perfect submission. Sorry to go to signs again, but is there some plaque or sign nearby explaining it you could nominate instead?

    For the pillar, I guess reviewers marked it a duplicate of the cemetery? Others might have thought it was "not interesting enough". Not sure there's anything you can do to change their minds. This is probably one to appeal if you believe strongly in it.

    Edit: I checked the map and the temple does seem to be a duplicate "Miyohoji Temple" is at that location on the Ingress Intel map.

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    I’m not familiar with what the boat slip looks like overall, and these images don’t help me much. It does look like a beautiful view from the subject, but it’s not helpful information of the subject. In my experience with water-edge POIs, it either needs to be some kind of pier - a manmade object that obviously protrudes into the water - or have a sign. If this is a concrete wall along the water edge or a ramp going into the water, it’s not likely to clear voting.

    The marathon halfway checkpoint, two things:

    1. Any time you’re getting a “temporary” rejection for a permanent feature, tell your reviewers the date it was installed: ‘‘This checkpoint has been informing the runners of the Honolulu Marathon since the current route was permanently settled in 1986.’ (or whenever; get that information and use it) Don’t say what it isn’t, give more information to clarify what it is.
    2. Unfortunately - and I’m not sure why this wasn’t one of your rejection reasons - this is in the middle of the street and does not appear to have safe pedestrian access. I don’t believe this is eligible, and even if it got through voting I believe it would be subject to removal criteria.

    The Buddhist Temple you already appealed, so the rejection reasons no longer show. FWIW, I think you chose the wrong image as the primary, as most reviewers probably expect to see the front approach, as is more typical of a religious location (see highly-pixelated cropped screenshot as an example of the kind of view reviewers probably expected). Good luck on that appeal.

    The infinity column appears to be a rather minor piece of hardscape and does not look like it meets criteria. Moreover, it could meet rejection criteria for being part of a cemetery. In terms of duplicate, the column appears to be on the edge of the image for the Oahu Cemetery POI:

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    Boat Slip - I don't see how this would meet any criteria.

    Marathon Checkpoint - painted on the road so falls foul of "no safe pedestrian access".

    Temple. Use the supporting photo you have as the main one, your original submission from above could be anything.

    Pillar. Not eligible, meets no Niantic criteria.

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    A boat launch could be eligible, but I'm not seeing it in either of the photos. Just looks like a pretty body of water. I'd suggest, if possible, taking a picture where the launch area is front-and-center and very clear.

    I agree with the others that you'll probably have pedestrian access issues with the marathon marker and that you should swap photos for the temple.

    The pillar I also don't see as being eligible on its own with out more of an explanation as to its significance.

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